Naked Taking A Shower

Hope you enjoy these photos of me naked showering its been so hot here, its been hard to cool down, I've been taking cold showers just to cool myself down, but its not helping with the sexual frustrations that come with the warm weather, I don't know why but when its really hot I feel even more hornier than ever, and if like me your feeling all hot and bothered, I hope this picture set helps you out, maybe your even feel like contacting me, meeting me offline and joining me in my shower, and in my bed :-) Hope so! The whole showering thing can be very erotic as the cold water feels great splashing over my breasts and nipples, its a very sensual feeling, lovely cold water trickling over my tummy finding its way between my legs, falling over my spread open ass cheeks and trickling over my butt hole, I cant resist using the power shower head jet on my pussy and clit. The shower has three speeds, its great to start it at low, and then increase the water pressure, as you get more excited, its a great stimulant for the citreous and is a really easy way of reaching an orgasm, with out actually touching yourself, as you have properly guessed, getting my self off in the shower is a usual normal daily occurrence. If you haven't tried it before girls try it now! :-) and you guys try it on your woman, just remember start with a slow spray first as the clit is so sensitive. well I had great fun taking the pics, could only of been better, if there had been someone to join me for some wet fun, Do you want to join me? Do you like wet sex, with water, or wee? id love to hear your experiences and opinions about wet sex, and as you know I am looking for casual no strings sex so if you want to join me for any kind of sex, please post to me here on my Hot Blog and Come View More Of My Naked Photo Galleries tell me what you have in mind.

If you'd like to get your kit off and join me in the shower room i'm quite shore will soon get full of steam, then end up in the bedroom having a well good time..
I love it wet, do you?

as you can see from the picture of my naked wet boobies, I adore havin warm water spraying across my boobs, especially when someone's sucking on my nipples at the same time..
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I feel like sliding that shower hose in my bald dripping crotch.
Bald dripping cunt

This naughty woman love to have wild wet sex in the shower getting naked with men and women showering each others body parts, I just love massaging rubbing a cock up between my 40 d breasts making you cum all over my face, if your interested I'm very game....
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Photograph of my huge perfect 40d assets I'm inviting you too cum get you mitts on, we could be showering each with our love juices..
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 I wouldn't mind finding a partner that likes having a shower fondling playing in the bath tub having sex with all the attachments we have to hand.....
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join this blonde busty woman in the shower, wash me touch and massage me then screw the living daylights out of me.
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my back side needs a thick penis in me anally and big hanging balls I could push inside my pussy hole..
Would you wash my bottom

showered and smothered in soap giving you a view of my naked rear end that wants humping...
You can just slip ya cock in

you could watch me taking a shower see my snatch being sprayed with jets of water..
Spray my muff with a water jet

My sweet showered dripping hairless clitoris really needs to be stretched to its maxim do you have a gigantic dick to do the job?
Soaking wet clit close up

My showered bums dripping running down hair less pussy it really needs to be stretched to its full potential do you have a bigdick to do the job for me?.
Hot wet pussy needs loving

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